90’s Interior Design Trends That Won’t Make a Comeback

The 90’s was a decade of clashing designs and mismatched patterns. These designs, although all similar, were unique and changed from year to year. To help you envision how home decorating designs have changed since then, here is a breakdown of some of the interior design trends that plagued the 90’s and made them stick in our memories.


Floral furniture was a big part of the 90’s design. Most commonly, large, eye catching florals were found on furniture such as couches and plushy chairs. However, floral prints of various sizes and color schemes could also be found on carpets and walls. Sometimes they were found on more than one piece of furniture in a room at any given time.

Sponge painting

Wall painting was popular I the 90’s, and with wall painting came sponge painting. Sponge painting was the act of painting a houses inner walls using a large sponge to give it texture. This method left the walls with a grungy appearance, and was common in bathrooms, but could also be spotted in the kitchen and living room.

Damask wallpaper

Damask wallpaper, like floral print, was a common thing to see on walls in the 90’s. Th damask style comes from Islamic and Byzantine cultures during the middle ages when it was common for weavers to create patterned reversible fabrics. The modern damask design is typically made of two colors and can be hard on the eyes, as it is a lot to take in.

Beaded curtains

Beaded curtains were all the rage in the 80’s and 90’s. They weren’t just used to cover windows, though- they were also used in place of doors. They were popular in many young peoples’ bedrooms and at clubs and bars.

Ivy wall décor

Ivy was a popular choice for wall decoration during this decade. Ivy leaves could be found stenciled and painted onto walls in kitchens and bathrooms. It was also hung in those places in the form of glass or metal decorations. In addition to wall décor, ivy was also found on home items like teapots and plates.

The 90’s was creative with its design trends and sense of home style. It was known for a lot of different design trends that we haven’t seen much of since the decade passed. What do you think? Will any of these interior design trends come back?