Designers that made an impact

Interior Designers Who Changed the Design World

Interior designers are brilliant people. They are creative, smart, and more often than not, quite quirky. They have an eye for design and a voice of reason that gets them through tough design situations. While not all interior designers can be the best, there are a few who really stand out and who have taken the design world by storm. Who? Here are 5.

Philippe Starck

Philippe Starck is a French designer who is famous in various fields including interior design and electronic design. He was recognized in 1982 when he was hired to design the former French president Francois Mitterrand’s custom apartment. Some of his interior designs include The Peninsula Hong Kong in Hong Kong, and the Cafe Costes in Paris.

Karim Rashid

Karim Rashid is an interior designer and industrial designer from Egypt. One of his most famous interiors is the Oaza Zdravlja pharmacy in Serbia. Everything that makes up the pharmacy is light green in color and most of the furniture is made of transparent plastic. The lighting on the ceiling is shaped like human DNA strands and makes for a fluid-like appearance.

Federico Delrosso

Federico Delrosso is an architect and interior designer that hails from Italy. He is well known for his uses of wood, glass, and iron. With his designs, he focuses primarily on creating space and does so by creating simple and elegant designs with his chosen materials.

Miles Redd

Miles Redd is an Atlanta based interior designer who uses his designs to marry modern art and vintage items. He originally started his career by decorating his friends’ apartments, but I now known for decorating houses, museums, and office buildings. He gives each room a specific color theme and feeling.

Alessandra Branca

Alessandra Brance grew up in Rome, Italy. Growing up, she was the granddaughter of a Vatican Museum art historian and grew up with a love for classical and modern art. In 1981, she started a design firm in Chicago. She currently works as an popular interior designer in Chicago, New York, and Rome and is best known for her pairings of classical colors and modern decoration.

Interior designers have a special eye for color, design, and theme. They enjoy their job and have a flair for the creative. There are other great interior designers that are worth mentioning, but these are a few of the most well-known.