Avoid these interior design mistakes

While decorating the home, it’s easy to go overboard and try to cram 50 different trends into one room. It’s tempting and easy to do because home decorating is so much fun and allows home owners to be creative. Sometimes, though, trends just shouldn’t be used-period. Here are a few of the trends that you should watch out for in your own home.

Overuse of patterns

Patterns can easily worm their way into your home. They can come in on the carpet, that new blanket and matching throwing cushions you bought, and even on wall décor. While some patterns mix well together, others don’t. Even if patterns do mix well, when there are too many in one room, they can clash and make the eyes sore. This also takes away from the overall beauty of the room.

color swatches

Lack of color

When it comes to interior design, it’s easier to have too little color than it is to have too much color, according to experts. Many people who take on the challenge of decorating their home focus too much on not using too much color that they end up depriving their home of any color at all. This, can be evident in homes that are all one color (unless, of course, the owner wants his or her home that way!).

Catalog copying

With so many great interior design magazines around, it’s no wonder that we get so much inspiration from then when we design our homes. This isn’t a bad thing, as inspiration is what the catalog’s goal is. It only becomes a problem when friends can flip through a magazine and spot your exact living room in its pages.

Plain windows

Windows are the peep hole into the home’s soul. Like human eyes, windows can be beautiful to look at if they’re decorated and designed the right way. It’s been a popular trend to avoid decorating the windows, meaning that most people leave their windows bare and don’t utilize curtains or drapes. It isn’t necessary to have these things, but they give the owner extra privacy and spruce up the look of the home.

Through decorating their home according to their own tastes and likes, home owners allow themselves freedom and a way to express themselves. Interior designs can be classic, modern, or quirky- or any mix of the three! It’s important to keep an eye out for design trends that should be avoided, though.